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Reductive massage

Sciatic Nerve Massage

Facial drainage massage

It is a massage with gentle movements that help reduce facial inflammation, is detoxifying, reduces eye bags and reduces dark circles. Improves the appearance of the skin and repairs cells, providing oxygen.

Losing weight is not impossible. Reducing massages are a useful strategy to reduce measures and eliminate cellulite and stretch marks.

Leg massage with thermal blanket

Relaxing or Swedish massage

It is a soft massage, very pleasant. It helps reduce anxiety and improve circulation, relaxes the muscles and the nervous system.

Lymphatic drainage massage

The comforting heat of the stones helps to release tension, reduces muscle inflammation and promotes relaxation.

Prenatal massage

This type of massage is ideal for preparing the future mother, it stimulates circulation, relaxing the most affected areas such as the legs, lower back and back and helping to reduce stress, it decreases fluid retention. This massage can only be performed from the 4th month of pregnancy and before the 7th month. It is not recommended in high-risk pregnancies. If in doubt, it is best to consult your doctor first.

Geriatric massage

It is specifically aimed at elderly people. It is a gentle massage that helps reduce stress, relieve back pain and muscle tension.

Therapeutic Back Massage

Helps to eliminate muscle tension and contractures of the back, neck and shoulders.

Therapeutic or deep tissue massage

This massage consists of the manipulation of the upper and lower layers of muscles and tissues, requiring intense and concentrated pressure from the masseuse. Therapeutic massage is used to reduce tension or pain in muscles and connective tissue. Ideal for working muscle contractures.

Sport massage

This massage helps to maintain an optimal training rhythm avoiding injuries, ideal for before or after a competition. Improves performance, flexibility, recovery and relieves pain.

Craniovertebral massage

This massage is performed on the skull, face, neck and shoulders. It helps relieve headaches, cervical tension, mental fatigue and can support insomnia, bruxism, or loss of balance and dizziness.

Fibromyalgia massage

Massage that is performed on the soft and connective tissues in such a way that local biochemical changes are stimulated. Helping to improve muscle flexibility and modulate local blood and lymphatic circulation.

Hot Stone massage

The comforting heat of the stones helps to release tension, reduce muscle inflammation and promotes relaxation.


Reflexology is the application of adequate pressure on specific points and areas of the feet. The objective is to stimulate points that are reflected in other organs and areas of the body.

Focused massage

Focused Massage allows you to focus on an injury to obtain results as soon as possible. Helps reduce inflammation, activate circulation and prepare muscles for a speedy recovery.

Arthritis massage

This massage works to decrease pain and stiffness, reduce anxiety, improve range of motion in joints, and promote more restful sleep.

This massage helps loosen the body, decrease tingling, eliminates numbness and relieves pain.

This massage stimulates blood circulation, allowing muscle tension in the legs to relax. In addition, the electric blanket with its heat relieves sore muscles, providing a warm and comforting sensation.


We  have sessions of :

60  minutes:  starting at $35

90 minutes: starting at $50

120 minutes: starting at $65

couples´massage: starting at $65

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